I only came for the Cake

I don’t know what the heck was going on in October many, many moons ago but it seems that 90% of the people I know have July birthdays. Therefore, this post is for you! As much as I LOVE to cook…most of you know baking is not my favorite. I do however, love the outcome and the joy that it brings. For me, cooking leaves more room for error (which is great because I make a lot of them) and more room for me to be creative. Baking on the other hand is too much of a perfect science. The idea of leveling off flour and using the proper measurements makes me cringe. That being said, if I bake for you, you’re special.

Something I like to do is create cakes that I know represents that person. Whether it’s a cookie cake, layered cake, or cupcake, I will make them all delicious and all for you! A little tip I have to making a cake more flavorful is to add coffee, espresso, fruit juice, prosecco, etc. where it says to add water. Please advise and make sure your liquid makes sense with the flavor of your cake.

I can’t take all the credit for these cakes you are about to scroll through. I do sometimes let my best friend or husband step foot into the kitchen…I reiterate the word “sometimes.” I would say the last picture of Colombia VS. the dinosaurs with naked goalie barbies definitely “takes the cake!” That dessert was so fun to make with my best friend for my now husband. I will say, a pro to baking is the memories we all create. Happy Birthday my peoples!


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