A New Hope

Right now we are all going through a rough time. With being self quarantined, businesses shut down, and people being laid off, we really don’t know what to do with ourselves. I personally am not working until further notice which is pretty scary. The idea of possibly having to find something else work wise is weighing heavily on me.

I am trying to see all the positive in this craziness. Although this is such a serious matter, I have found some peace and joy staying at home with my husband and my dog. I am so lucky to be in Florida where I can still enjoy outdoor activities and the sunshine. Luckily my husband and I get along so no quarrels yet with this quarantine! Keep you posted…

Through this whole isolation process I am just hoping that everyone is safe and sound and participating properly with their social distancing. I have been playing each day by ear and trying to just go with the flow. I have worked on becoming more relaxed and I just keep to myself and my kitchen.

Every day is a new day, a few new recipes, and a new hope.

I am working on posting the recipes we have been making and creating in the next couple days! I have about two weeks of goodies to upload and share with you all. The best we can do right now is respect everyone’s space and make the best of our time spent together (but 6 feet apart.) Nothing makes me happier than cooking for my husband and this is what is going to keep me going right now. Happy quarantine and happy cooking!

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  1. Juan M says:

    Love you 😘


  2. crownjul says:

    Wonderful message. ❤️


  3. crownjul says:

    Wonderful message! ❤️


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