Curry in a Hurry

Around our home, we LOVE our take out from Asian restaurants.

It’s something I do NOT make well and I find it is a lot of ingredients that I just never have on hand.

It can be time consuming to get the depth of flavor that I want and to be honest, it still never tastes as good!

However, when I want a home cooked meal I have found a really great trick!

Coconut milk and a jar of Thai green curry. Yup. Yum.

Coconut Green Chicken Curry over Forbidden Rice

The basis for this curry dish is super simple, I use one can of coconut milk and one small jar of green curry.

You can combine all your ingredients in the slow cooker or simmer on the stove for a quick dinner.

I have made this dish a few different ways and they have all turned out amazing.

Pictured above I used the slow cooker. It was just two chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, onion, bell peppers, fresh cilantro, a squeeze of lime, and….you guessed it a can of coconut milk and a jar of green curry!

I let it go low and slow for 8 hours and shredded the chicken just before serving it over rice. I had a side salad of pickled radish, cucumber, and carrot for a bit of freshness. The pickled tart salad goes great with the sweet heat of the curry.

You can also use the curry and coconut with your leftovers! I had a bunch of veggies that I had from the night before, as well as, some that I keep prepped ready to go for other meals.

I used my fav cast iron skillet to sauté some garlic and coriander until softened and fragrant. Added the leftover and prepped veggies and simply let them warm up.

Add your coconut milk and green curry and simmer until flavors have combined and everything is heated through. I love garnishing with fresh cilantro and some lime juice.

You can do SO many things with curry. Keep in mind, you don’t have to be boring like me and use the same coconut milk and green curry every time.

I just happen to be obsessed.

The flavors are so warm and smokey with that hint of sweet and spicy, it’s just SO good.

Keep it vegetarian or add your favorite meat. Serve over rice, noodles, potatoes, more VEGETABLES, the list goes on. Get creative and get to currying!

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